mini summer capsule wardrobe

Summer capsule wardrobe – mini

Like anyone here in Munich, I am really looking forward to more summery days. Nothing better to get in the summer mood then to prepare a mini summer capsule wardrobe blog!  


10 items summer capsule wardrobe


I truly love to create mini capsules, with max 10 items to show you that with 10 items, you can easily make 2 weeks of outfits. The main objective is to make you aware that with a well thought through selection, you can actually have everything you need with only 10 items. Which is great for going on a holiday trip or for introducing more colour or a different style in your wardrobe



In the Instagram story poll most of my followers voted on a spring coloured capsule, and I created this one with a light spring in mind. Spring colours are bright, warm and lighter colours. And the light spring colour palette is close to the summer palette too. But instead of a cool undertone it has a warm. 



I picked only sustainable fashion items from Armed Angels, since this brand is relatively budget friendly and has a lot of colour in their current collection. I feel obliged to say this is for inspiration only, and you can remake this with your own items in your own palette too. But may you find you really can use some of those items, check their website. It is a great brand to buy from 🙂

What do we want in our wardrobe

In my mind, for summer we have some more casual warm days, some days we want to feel feminine and fun, and some more formal days. We want to go to a beach, but also go out for a night. We don’t need our jacket, but an extra layer for protection of the sun or a cooler night is welcome.

Selection of the bottoms - your capsule foundation

I ALWAYS start with the foundation of your wardrobe – the bottoms. I picked a casual shorts, a feminine fun skirt and a more formal linen pants.

And add some cute and versatile tops

Then 3 tops – a casual lime green tank top – a striped tee and a knitted top for a more dressed look.

Summer capsule wardrobe bottoms
Summer capsule wardrobe tops

It is summer, but we do need some layers

Layering with a white blouse #10, that you can style open or closed, make a knot in etc. Super versatile and great for protection yourself from the sun too.


And ofcourse, I must admit, I am a big v – neck cardigan fan – in this knit cotton  and paired with white or #7 green or blue it looks so fun to me.


At last, I picked 2 dresses – #9 a long sleeveless dress for more informal beach days. And #10 a more dressy one with sleeves for dinner or just for a cofffee somewhere. I am sure the layers pair well with the dresses too. 

Summer capsule wardrobe layers
Summer capsule wardrobe dresses

Outfit combi's within your summer capsule wardrobe

Another thing I do to create a summer capsule wardrobe is to check per bottom if I can make 3 various outfits with it. This is so useful to do, since you find out whether your item is functioning in your wardrobe and in the same time you get outfit inspiration too. 


The skirt can be worn casual and fun with a lime tank top or a striped apricot coloured tshirt. Or a bit more dressy with a knit top. Add some cute sandals and jewelry too it, and I think it is perfect to head out.


Outfits with a short – ofcourse it can be super casual for a hike with a tank top. But if you want to make it a bit more elegant, pair it with the white blouse or the knitted v neck top again.

Summer capsule wardrobe skirt outfits
Summer capsule wardrobe short outfits

Lastly – I suggested some layers to go with your dress – in case it gets a bit chilly. 


And the more formal pants – made more fun whit a touch of lime – looks fun for the office in summer time right?

Summer capsule wardrobe dress outfits
Summer capsule wardrobe pants outfits

In case you need more inspiration or guidance in creating such a wardrobe yourself. Either start with a colour analysis to find out what colours work best for you, plan a capsule wardrobe session with me, go shopping or follow the complete restyle program and you will be set for this summer, and actually for a lifetime. 


Since the skills and insights you will get will be with you for life 😊.


Now the only thing you have to decide on is what shoes and accessoires to add 😊

Hereby my cheat list:

Summer capsule wardrobe accessories

Would love to hear if you have other must haves that I missed. Hope we get a great summer period ahead of us. 


Ah! now I think of it, we need a bikini or bathing suit too to have some fun in the water and charge our vitamine D levels. 


All the pictures I used are original from the Armed Angels website – showing the summer 2023 collection. You can find them on their website too. This article is non sponsored! but I do support their mission 🙂

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