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stil beratung

Do you also love the amazing things in life, like live music, finger licking food and in
depth chats with friends? And do you also enjoy a cute outfit? 


It truly is such a joy to have a wardrobe full of outfits that align with you and what you want to attract in your live. A joy, a peace of mind, a law of attraction, a creative form of self expression. It can be all that!


You love your work, and it enriches you besides your family life. Of course, there are

hectic days, but generally you are proud of what you do. Raising humans and working is demanding, for sure! So, it is more than logical that that wardrobe of yours is in need for some new energy. 

Is this you?

farbberatung colour analysis

What if you just let it be?

We live in a visual world and your personal style is  a large part of your communication. Together with your voice, stories and behavior it forms your impression. Think of it as your signature style. If your style is not aligned with you and your values, it creates confusion and disconnect, which is not what you want!  

I am sure you get the feeling – having an important meeting in an outfit you feel like a million in and that represents you; or a meeting in a black corporate suit, that energy is completely different.

Problem is,  you just don’t show your full potential. Which is such a waste, because your mission in life is great, right?!

But, it is totally understandable to reach this “Mwah” point when you are busy with work and family. 

The only thing you have to do now, is to make the decision to start a change.

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Want to know my style tips to create your unique style?

It is not what you may think. Not a must buy list – or styling tricks. But tips you can use every season again.

Want to create your unique style?

Get my tips! It is not what you may think. Not a must buy list – or styling tricks. But tips you can use every season again.

About Marianne

I am Marianne, mother of 2 kids (4 and 6 y.o.) and living in Munich as an expat since the summer of 2022. I am originally from The Netherlands, where we lived in Rotterdam the last 8 years.  When my partner Thijs had the opportunity to go on an assignment to Munich, I used this change to make my dream of starting my own creative business a reality.  I got my training in the Netherlands – started up small scale in Rotterdam and restarted my styling business end 2022 in Munchen (Allach).

I have always been into creating – drawing -creating jewelry – sewing. I admire good craftmanship and a good brand story. I truly can enjoy colour combinations, high quality materials, and a story told by an outfit. I prefer quality and fair produced smaller scale brands above high end or fast fashion.

I love finding your most beautiful colours, personal style and clothes that work for you. I enjoy working 1:1 with beautiful souls that want to make the world a kinder and better place. And I really enjoy showing the various options to express yourself via clothes and colours. It is like coaching, done outside inwards. By changing your style, you create alignment with your personal values.


Before working as a colour and style coach, I worked for > 10 years in the petrochemical corporate industry. I have a masters degree in mechanical engineering, so I have an artsy yet beta brain. What I love the most in engineering, is the problem-solving logic, team work and the tangible results. I like to puzzle a bit, and make the most with little resources.

All of the above comes together in my love for creating a versatile, beautiful and fitting wardrobe. My goal is to create a wardrobe with you, in which you find your outfit for every day.  Meaning it contains outfits for a night out in the city. And it will also make your terrible coffee-less Tuesday morning easier, because you have plenty of outfit options that make you smile.

capsule wardrobe

Client love

Doing a colour analysis with Marianne has been one of the best investments in myself I've ever done. In a personal and welcoming setting she uses various drapes to pick the colours that suit you best and explains why this is the case. The passport I've received after the analysis has been super useful, as I've already thrifted some pieces in my best colours for a recent holiday capsule and am now able to easily spot the colours in my season(s) in clothing stores. This makes shopping much more relaxing and fun, and it is great knowing which colours make me 'shine'. I highly recommend choosing Marianne for a colour analysis!
Mijke Akkermans
Mijke Akkermans
I recently had a color analysis session with Marie and it was truly enlightening. She expertly assessed my undertones and created a personalised palette for me that complements my features. I left happy and confident that whatever I will buy from now on will suit my complexion and brighten my face. I am extremely pleased with Marie’s services and expertise. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking certainty about the colors that work best for them.
Nadine Schwarz
Nadine Schwarz
Time and money well spent to build confidence and efficiency in building a wardrobe. Now I know what works and what doesn't. Sadly, some current favorites will have to go, but I can feel good knowing the replacements will look even better. Love my little take away book of colors created just for me. Can't wait to bring it shopping. Thanks, Marie!
Amanda Deverich
Amanda Deverich
I booked an color analysis here. Marianne was friendly, professional and funny. I had a great time! We created my own color passport, which is super usefull. It was a cool gift to myself! I have already recommended it to some friends. 😊
Sophie van de Rakt
Sophie van de Rakt
Schon immer wollte ich einmal eine Farbberatung haben und bin zum Glück auf Marianne gestoßen. Es war ein sehr inspirierender Vormittag und ein spannender Prozess zu sehen, wie Farben mein Aussehen beeinflussen. Marianne hat sich sehr viel Zeit für mich genommen und ich konnte in der Session meln Niederländisch trainieren - super leuk!
Hannah Henne
Hannah Henne
I did an online colour analysis a few years ago and was told I was a Deep Autumn but somehow the colours never made me feel comfortable, almost as if something was off. Recently, I found Marianne when looking for an in-person colour analysis and I was quite surprised. She’s a very likeable and knowledgeable person, and provides a very detailed, three-hour analysis that leaves no doubt. Turns out I’m a Deep Winter so the warmer colours were indeed not the best for me. Thank you once again, Marianne!
Such a wonderful experience! Everyone should take the time to get this done. It's so helpful and Marie is so kind and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.
Samantha Deverich
Samantha Deverich
This is one of the best investment in my life. The knowledge of my best colours is making my life much easier and I love wearing then and I also finally know how to combine my clothes. Thanks you so much, Marie! I would recommend your services to everyone!
Lenka Gücker
Lenka Gücker
(German below) Marianne helped me to find the color palette that fits me the best. Although I knew a couple of colors that suited me, she found many more that I never tried. It was also very useful to see the ones that do not fit me well at all. I will be able to avoid unnecessary purchases. My wardrobe, like many others wardrobe, is full with things that I wear rarely. I will be now able to filter the things that don’t match me and moreover, it will be easier to create outfits since the pieces in my wardrobe will be in harmony. The color palette Marianne gives is much more detailed and tailored to the individual compared to what one will find on the internet websites. Also in the process, she taught me how to train my eye for finding my own colors, so even without the palette in my hands, I will do a much better job at finding the right colors! Marianne half mir, die Farbpalette zu finden, die am besten zu mir passt. Obwohl ich schon einige Farben kannte, die zu mir passten, fand sie viele weitere, die ich nie ausprobiert hatte. Es war auch sehr hilfreich, die Farben zu sehen, die mir überhaupt nicht stehen. So kann ich unnötige Kaufe vermeiden. Mein Kleiderschrank ist, wie der vieler anderer, voll mit Dingen, die ich selten trage. Jetzt kann ich die Dinge herausfiltern, die nicht zu mir passen, und außerdem wird es einfacher sein, Outfits zu kreieren, da die Teile in meinem Kleiderschrank miteinander harmonieren werden. Die Farbpalette, die Marianne vorschlägt, ist viel detaillierter und individueller als das, was man auf den Internetseiten findet. Außerdem hat sie mir beigebracht, wie ich mein Auge schulen kann, um meine eigenen Farben zu finden, so dass ich auch ohne die Palette in der Hand viel besser die richtigen Farben finden werde!
Beril I.
Beril I.
I had a great experience with Marianne. Seeing so many colours and shades of the same colour right next to my face was so interesting. I discovered that there are other colours than blue that look great on me (purple and pink, here I come!) and that I had good reasons all along for not wearing some others (yellow, I am looking at you!). Comparing colours to my passport has become a new hobby and I can't wait to integrate some new to me colours in my wardrobe!
Miriam Reinhardt
Miriam Reinhardt

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Colour Analysis

Get your colour passport, which includes only your best colours. 

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