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Complete Wardrobe Makeover!

Hey there, busy working mom! 

I’ve got you covered when it comes to rocking your outfits.

No settling for just an “okay” look.

Let’s start with filling your closet with outfits that make you shine in your own special way (and I bet you don’t even have to buy that much to do it)!

You radiate extra confidence and energy when you are wearing the outfits that make you feel amazing.

It’s like having a wearable business card that works for you. 

Complete Wardrobe Makeover

Hey there, busy working mom! 

I’ve got you covered when it comes to rocking your outfits.


No settling for just an “okay” look.

Let’s start with filling your closet with outfits that make you shine in your own special way (and I bet you don’t even have to buy that much to do it)!


You radiate extra confidence and energy when you are wearing the outfits that make you feel amazing.

It’s like having a wearable business card that works for you. 

style coach München

Ready for your Complete Wardrobe Makeover?

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How would you feel if...

What value will you gain?

@Career woman, mum, artist
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I highly recommend Marianne! She did my styling and summer wardrobe. Even though I’m good with colors, she showed me styles, fabrics and patterns I would have never tried on, let alone buy. Our every experience was great especially for someone who hates shopping like me. She truly gets to know what your likes are, your hesitations about colors and your body shape, your ideas about fashion vs. clothing. She has a color wheel, which is expansive so she really breaks down your exact tone and colors! She hears what you say about how you want your clothing to represent your individual personality (or not). She dives into what you would like to achieve from different perspectives. (Eg: for me it was representing who I was as a career woman, mum, artist). Marianne makes this journey a fun experience. 
@professional, mom
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I'm super happy I took the decision to work with Marianne. As a busy mom with a full time job on top, I struggled with finding the right outfits that suited my role and provided the versatility I needed for different occasions at work and beyond. Before working with Marianne, my wardrobe left me feeling uninspired and frustrated. I simply didn't have the time to search for suitable outfits, let alone the knowledge of what styles would work best for me. That's when I reached out to Marianne for help, and it was great! She took the time to understand my shape, color palette, and personal preferences. With her expert guidance, I discovered styles that flattered me and brought out my best features. She introduced me to a whole new world of fashion possibilities! My wardrobe is now a collection of items that I love. I have outfits for every occasion, from professional meetings to casual outings. The versatility and variety in my wardrobe have boosted not just my confidence but also my overall enjoyment of getting dressed each day. It makes my life so much simpler! What sets Marianne apart is her ability to select items that I would never have tried on my own. She has a keen eye for fashion and an intuition for what works best for her clients. Working with Marianne has been an absolute game-changer for me! I love the transformation she has brought to my style.
@Therapist, mom of 3
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Working with Marianne was so easy and from the first meeting I learned so much. I am walking away now so proud of what I wear every day AND a clear picture when I shop not to settle or pick colors that really don't work for me. This short-term investment is SO WORTH IT! You'll have the skills forever

Discover the transformative power of a wardrobe that aligns with your authentic style and watch your confidence soar!

What's included in the program?

Let me take you on a style transformation journey over 6 weeks, that begins with a comprehensive analysis of your existing wardrobe and your lifestyle. No need to start from scratch. Together, we’ll uncover the colors, shapes, and styles that truly resonate with your unique essence, allowing you to shine brightly in every role you play.

Session details

1. Style intake

  • Intake of your style preferences & your personal values.
  • 1 hr, online via a videocall.

2. Colour session

  • Get your unique colour passport with all the colours that make you shine.
  • 2.5 hr in my Studio in Allach.

3. Wardrobe session

  • We define your body shape & I show you styling tricks to make the most of your looks.
  • Edit of your wardrobe based on your colours, style and lifestyle.
  • Creation of outfit combinations
  • From 10 in the morning upto 15 hr in the afternoon, in your wardrobe.

4. Personal shopping

  • in Munich.
  • shops selected based on your style.
  • I pre-shop for you to make an optimal selection (around 3 hrs too).
  • 3 hours in Munich center.
  • Psst… still missing links after shopping? I will online shop for you up to 2 hrs.

5. Outfit creation

  • Create more looks with your new and existing wardrobe.
  • Including styling tips.
  • 2 hours.
  • Time to ask your last questions 🙂

All the goods

  •  A luxurious & unique colour passport. 
  • A personalised lookbook including your moodboard, outfit combi’s, style do’s & don’ts, and a decluttered working wardrobe. 
  • Style coaching via Whatsapp from the first meeting to the last (over 6 weeks)


1997,- incl. MwSt

Payment plan is available. Just ask.

Farbberatung Munchen
personal shopping Munich

Bid farewell to wardrobe woes and embrace a closet filled with pieces that inspire and empower you!

Client love

I highly recommend Marianne! Her color analysis is eye-opening and she has a great eye for what looks best on people. When I had trouble matching favorite statement pieces, she suggested colors I never would have considered but look amazing and complete the look better than I could have figured out myself. I appreciate that she also understands the roles of working in the corporate world, being an entrepreneur and being a mom - she understands the different roles we dress for and helps to develop a wardrobe that reflects our personalities AND fits the demands of each person's lifestyle. Very worth the investment, since she will save you time and $$ helping you to buy what you need and love instead of too many items that don't quite work. And to help streamline your current wardrobe and create outfits out of what you have.
Anne Frazier
Anne Frazier
I went to Marianne for a colour analysis few weeks ago, because I always struggled with feeling "off" in most clothes and makeup colours but couldn't figure out why. Marianne was very warm, welcoming and extremely competent. I told her about my issues with the colours and we categorised some clothes I brought with me to the seasons and then started with the draping. I could clearly see the differences in my skin with each drape and got all my best colours in a palette to take with me. The resulting palette was really surprising to me because my wardrobe colours were very different - which explains why I always felt so weird in my clothes. In my palette I feel so much more confident because my skin looks a lot brighter and more even. Also I noticed when shopping last time it went a lot faster because I wasn't in this indecisive situation whether to buy something that I now know doesn't suit me. I can definitely recommend going to Marianne for the analysis ❤️
Anja Sz.
Anja Sz.
I attended Marianne's Color & Style workshop last weekend and had a great time learning more about color theory. Marianne was lovely - highly skilled in color analysis/style coaching and supportive in responding to our questions and common challenges regarding our clothing/bodies/self-esteem. As an expat new to Germany, I also found it really helpful that Marianne was able to conduct the workshop in English.
Kijai Corbett
Kijai Corbett
(German below) I did a wardrobe edit with Marianne. My wardrobe, like many others wardrobe, is full with things that I wear rarely. I wanted to have a wardrobe that is not very crowded but full with things that fit me nicely. With the wardrobe edit, we filtered out the things that do not fit me, she also showed me how I can combine some pieces that I bought but never knew how to wear. She found my body type, showed my tricks how to hide the parts I don’t like and highlight the parts I like. We also did a color session. Marianne helped me to find the color palette that fits me the best as well. Although I knew a couple of colors that suited me, she found many more that I never tried. It was also very useful to see the ones that do not fit me well at all. I will be able to avoid unnecessary purchases from now on. I will be now able to filter the things that don’t match me and moreover, it will be easier to create outfits since the pieces in my wardrobe will be in harmony. The color palette Marianne gives is much more detailed and tailored to the individual compared to what one will find on the internet websites. Also in the process, she taught me how to train my eye for finding the pieces that fit me, so I will do a much better job in shopping! I highly recommend Marianne! Ich habe mit Marianne einen Wardrobe Edit gemacht. Mein Kleiderschrank ist, wie der vieler anderer, voll mit Dingen, die ich selten trage. Ich wollte einen Kleiderschrank haben, der nicht sehr voll ist, aber voll mit Dingen, die mir gut passen. Mit dem Wardrobe-Edit haben wir die Dinge herausgefiltert, die mir nicht passen, und sie hat mir auch gezeigt, wie ich einige Teile kombinieren kann, die ich gekauft habe, aber nie wusste, wie ich sie tragen soll. Sie fand meinen Körpertyp heraus und zeigte mir Tricks, wie ich die Teile, die ich nicht mag, verstecken und die Teile, die ich mag, betonen kann. Wir haben auch eine Farbsitzung gemacht. Marianne half mir auch dabei, die Farbpalette zu finden, die am besten zu mir passt. Obwohl ich schon einige Farben kannte, die zu mir passten, fand sie viele weitere, die ich nie ausprobiert hatte. Es war auch sehr hilfreich, die Farben zu sehen, die mir überhaupt nicht stehen. Von nun an werde ich unnötige Käufe vermeiden können. Ich kann jetzt die Dinge herausfiltern, die nicht zu mir passen, und außerdem wird es einfacher sein, Outfits zu kreieren, da die Teile in meinem Kleiderschrank miteinander harmonieren werden. Die Farbpalette, die Marianne vorschlägt, ist viel detaillierter und individueller als das, was man auf den Internetseiten findet. Außerdem hat sie mir beigebracht, wie ich mein Auge schulen kann, um die Teile zu finden, die zu mir passen, so dass ich jetzt viel besser einkaufen kann! Ich kann Marianne nur empfehlen!
Beril I.
Beril I.
Marianne is very professional and friendly. I have a lot of fun during the session and surprises to find out the special colours that really suits me. Would recommend the service to my friends or anyone who interested. Thank you so much for your time, Marianne 😀
Kate Sopee
Kate Sopee
Doing a colour analysis with Marianne has been one of the best investments in myself I've ever done. In a personal and welcoming setting she uses various drapes to pick the colours that suit you best and explains why this is the case. The passport I've received after the analysis has been super useful, as I've already thrifted some pieces in my best colours for a recent holiday capsule and am now able to easily spot the colours in my season(s) in clothing stores. This makes shopping much more relaxing and fun, and it is great knowing which colours make me 'shine'. I highly recommend choosing Marianne for a colour analysis!
Mijke Akkermans
Mijke Akkermans
I recently had a color analysis session with Marie and it was truly enlightening. She expertly assessed my undertones and created a personalised palette for me that complements my features. I left happy and confident that whatever I will buy from now on will suit my complexion and brighten my face. I am extremely pleased with Marie’s services and expertise. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking certainty about the colors that work best for them.
Nadine Schwarz
Nadine Schwarz
Time and money well spent to build confidence and efficiency in building a wardrobe. Now I know what works and what doesn't. Sadly, some current favorites will have to go, but I can feel good knowing the replacements will look even better. Love my little take away book of colors created just for me. Can't wait to bring it shopping. Thanks, Marie!
Amanda Deverich
Amanda Deverich
I booked an color analysis here. Marianne was friendly, professional and funny. I had a great time! We created my own color passport, which is super usefull. It was a cool gift to myself! I have already recommended it to some friends. 😊
Sophie van de Rakt
Sophie van de Rakt
Schon immer wollte ich einmal eine Farbberatung haben und bin zum Glück auf Marianne gestoßen. Es war ein sehr inspirierender Vormittag und ein spannender Prozess zu sehen, wie Farben mein Aussehen beeinflussen. Marianne hat sich sehr viel Zeit für mich genommen und ich konnte in der Session meln Niederländisch trainieren - super leuk!
Hannah Henne
Hannah Henne

This is me

I am Marianne. 


Entrepeneur, mother, friend, myself. 

I am lucky to have many roles in my life!

As an entrepreneur, I love to connect and brainstorm with others to make our business even more fitting.

As a mother I love to create memories and do fun things together. Going for a picknick, swim in a lake, do a hike or just a mini disco in our appartment.

As a friend I like to have fun and go out. A coffee and cake, or a nice meal I love it. And I like to have in depth conversations too. I like to really know how my friends feel and what is important to them. 

And myself. I enjoy being alone. Sitting and reading a magazine or walking in Nature. Creating, writing, spotting cute outfits and window shopping. 

When working with me, you will get to see me in all these roles. 

To create the best for you, I will pour all my love, knowledge and talent in our sessions. Making it super special for the both of us, and having the results that make you smile when getting ready for your day.

farbberatung München


That is up to you. Together we make a selection out of your current clothes collection. The items that remain, can be stored or you can chose to find another purpose for them. It is very personal, and I mainly focus on the things that will be staying in your wardrobe and how to make combinations with that. 

It is a functional wardrobe – that is suitable for your daily life. Sports, leisure and party wear are excluded. 

It is a smaller collection, which works great for having an overview, experimenting with your style and combinations. A rule of thumb is that having around 40 items for a season is more then enough (ex accesoires, coats and shoes).

Well they are your best, so this would be ideal. But it has the biggest impact on the top items, close to your face. 

Bottoms can differ ofcourse. And I will also show you how to combine cardigans or blazers with items in your best colours, so that it fits you better. 

This really depends on the amount of items that are in your current wardrobe that will fit in your colours and style. 

My clients shopping budget ranged from 400 to 4000 Euro. It really depends on how many items are missing to have a functional wardrobe. I normally shop at midrange and (more) sustainable shops. 

I will work with the retail season – so either spring summer or autumn winter. Just because it is hard to find a new wintercoat in your style, colours etc in spring. And you don’t need it either 🙂

No. Most of the time, you have several great items, and you just miss some connecting items or some items to show your style. Most of the time, we add 5 to 10 items to make it perfectly complete.

Getting clear on your life style and personal style narrows down the options. There are endless options, but after this program you know what is for you. This means you waste less, less things you buy and not wear, less clutter, you take better care of the things you own and when you shop for something new, this will not be an impuls but well thought true. Besides that, I give you the knowledge on where to look for in labels and I will make sure we first look into sustainable brands for shopping.

Yes ofcourse! I just decided to focus on women, but that does not mean it can not create cute outfits be for men too.