farbberatung München

I can't save you from your life's troubles like a superwoman... But I for sure will make you feel like one!

farbberatung München

In 2022 I started to create a service for working moms that gives them joy, comfort, and uniqueness. To make them realize they are worthy of taking care of themselves too.

With 2 small kids running around and a busy job in a corporate petrochemical company, I had zero time and/or energy to get my wardrobe on point. 

After two pregnancy’s, I had just few items that were fitting, where acceptable for my job, and where I felt OK-ish in. There was no happy feeling when opening my closet and I never found great joy in my outfits. No stains were a plus.

BUT! I really love the fine things in life, like art, flowers and a nice interior. So I wholeheartedly knew that  having an outfit that I love was going to boost my energy and mood. 

And it had to be practical and effortless as well. 


When I lost my job during covid, I started experimenting, read books, followed a low key course on capsule wardrobes. And whoops, I went into the rabbit hole.

After an intense live training to become a colour consultant and a 1:1 apprenticeship of an established personal stylist, I am now fully equipped to deliver the best for you too. Making my business truly passion based. 

It was like a door to a new world opened to me, one that always was there, but I did not know existed. I am born to work with colours, create outfits and make clients feel like a superwomen who can tackle the presentation – or just the social event after work. It is the combination of creativity, craftsmanship and connecting with my clients that are a 100% match. 

And because I know what a silent super power it is to have a wardrobe you love, especially as a working mom, I decided to focus my business on you! 


You are doing an amazing job in raising humans and working, and I want to give you this mood & energy booster to make your life so much more easy and enjoyable 🙂

"Great personal style will boost you to do great things in the world, like raising humans and working"

My vision on style

Style is for everyone, you know yours or you get to know it and you will have fun with it for a life time. 

You should like the person you see in the mirror. It is not vanity, it is selflove.

Who wants to be pretty should have fun, not pain; so enjoy your body as it is now, wear the clothes you like and don’t wear heals if you really hate the discomfort. Enough other options to feel feminine. 

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What you really need to know about me

You could find me in a boiler suit before it became fashionable. I worked 11 years as a process engineer in the Petrochemical corporate industry. And I still like jumpsuits! I am an engineer, so I like to puzzle with a wardrobe to find items that could glue the outfit together, or define different outfit combinations. In the fashion branch, I am down to earth and prefer good quality and sustainable made clothes over high end fashion brands.

If I have to chose between a red pretty and thin coat and a black shapeless and thick one, at -10 deg c, I will chose the black one. Comfort is my highest priority in clothing.

I always had the skill to remember every outfit someone is wearing. So enough inspiration based on street style is see around me!

If you would know me, then you would know that?

farbberatung München
farbberatung München

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