Personal Shopping München

Farbberatung Munchen

Are you feeling unhappy every time you get dressed, because you have so little outfits that you really feel good in?  Is shopping something that slightly stresses you out, or you just simply have so little time for it?

After we worked together, your mornings will start with a completely different mood! You will experience that having zero outfit stress and a great outfit will bring so much energy and ease in your day. It is not just a nice outfit, it will be your secret super power!

CEO, Artist, Mom
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Marianne did my styling and summer wardrobe shopping. Even though I’m good with colors, she showed me styles, fabrics and patterns I would have never tried on, let alone buy. Our every experience was great especially for someone who hates shopping like me. She truly gets to know what your likes are, your hesitations about colors and your body shape, your ideas about fashion vs. clothing. She has a color wheel, which is expansive so she really breaks down your exact tone and colors! She hears what you say about how you want your clothing to represent your individual personality (or not😉). She dives into what you would like to achieve from different perspectives. (Eg: for me it was representing who I was as a career woman, mum, artist). I absolutely recommend Marianne
social media manager, mom
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Marianne worked with me, to get clear on the colours and shapes that work best for me. When shopping she picked items I would never have found without her. During the shopping it was so easy for me, I just had to feel if it was a yes or a no. I know what I like when I wear it. But I needed Mariannes guidance with colours and shape. We also worked on outfits and creating a capsule wardrobe. This worked out so well together with the shopping part. I did not miss a thing, and did not feel the urge to go shopping for something new what so ever. I also bought a special events dress with her, that i completely adore. Truly such a good investement to book Marianne. Just go for it and get to know her and her working method!
Coach, mom
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I had the pleasure of planning my maternity wear with Marianne. In several sessions, I not only learned which colors and shapes flatter my type and figure. I now also have a concentrated selection of dresses that I actually wear every week and enjoy trying out new combinations all the time. What I liked best was the personal shopping experience. Marianne got a great picture of my style and mocked up the right brands and stores ahead of time. So the personal shopping day was very efficient and I wish I always had my personal shopping coach with me who not only brings me the right pieces to the dressing room and guides me to the right stores but also gives honest and valuable feedback on fit and style.

Recognise this?

capsule wardrobe
capsule wardrobe

How would it be if?

When you go personal shopping in Munich with me:

capsule wardrobe
capsule wardrobe

In short: We will shop new items that makes you smile, you can combine easily, and are a great addition to your wardrobe. Finally something nice to wear again!

What does a personal shopping session look like?

We first get clear on you; What do you like? What is your lifestyle and what are your wardrobe needs? 

To build a functional wardrobe, it’s essential to consider your values. Your wardrobe should align with what matters to you and reflect your personality . We will have a style consultation and I provide you with some exercises to get clear on your desired wardrobe.

When we agreed on the style and the shopping list ( for example a nice dress for work and some more casual outfits for at home), I will go pre-shopping in Munich for you. Based on your style and appearance I select several shops, and check out their collection.  I make pictures of the items I think would be nice to try on. 

When we meet for shopping, we first have a coffee together to share out some more info. Then we go to the shops, we will take around 3 hours, and visit around 3 stores. 

We will try on a lot of items – and I will give you tips on combinations too. When you like an item, it is up to you to decide whether you want to buy it.

After 1  week , I will check in with you to hear how you still like your purchases, and I can answer the styling and combination questions you might still have. 

1. Style intake

  • We meet virtually for 0.5 hour
  • Intake of your style preferences
  • Shopping list definition

2. Optional Colour plan

I strongly recommend to get your unique colour plan before we go shopping together. This is such a game changer and will be your guide for shopping for life. When this is too much, but you want a general direction- I do offer a quick colour scan for 50€ 

3. Personal shopping

  • Pre-shopping by me (ca. 4 hours).
  • 3 hours of shopping together 
  • body shape and styling tricks.
  • shopping based on your looks, likes and (life) style.
  • combination suggestions.

4. Wrap-up

  • A short video call after our shopping session.
  • Any other styling questions


  • Summary of body shape and styling tricks.
  • Outfit suggestions with bought items.


I can help you create outfits with your new items and your existing wardrobe at your place, just ask for the options


597,-€ incl. MwSt

personal shopping
personal shopping Munich
personal shopping Munich

Make getting dressed fun again. 

Get some extra super power with a great outfit!


For yourself – put on some make up – and wear comfortable items that you like. You will be switching outfits a lot. So make sure you had enough to eat and drink before hand. Since we will be walking a lot, some comfortable shoes, like sneakers are great. 

And make sure you have a small bottle of water and a muesli bar in your handbag.

Fair enough, if you google around, you will find that there are personal shoppers that charge less for a shopping trip. 


However – their approach is very different to mine. Some just show you some shops they like for you, to get to know the smaller boutiques. And they will help you on the spot with picking outfits for you or giving advise. Which is a great option too, if you are looking for a more low key experience.


What I do – I go pre-shopping for you at different locations in town. So I am sure I will only show you the best there is for your life, shape, likings, and what looks good on you.  This make all the difference between an fun an good experience, between a transformative and perfect one!  It is super effective and stress free for you, since we will be able to shop a larger selection at once. 



This depends ofcourse on how much and what you need. 

Around 400 to 800 would be a good range. 

I normally do not shop at fast fashion brands. 

After you got to know your best colours, know which style you like best and what works for you. And after you edited your wardrobe and created outfits. 


This might be another question. 


Why the hell would I invest in something everyone can do?  For that money I can buy a lot of items myself.

And actually, it is not like that. Not everyone can shop. Well everyone can go to Zara and just buy some random stuff worth of 447 euro. 

But would you like the items that your husband picked for you? 


First of all – It takes a lot of time.  So if you are working and a mom, this is what you have little, right?


Secondly – It takes a lot of energy. Especially if you do not know where to shop, and what to look for, it is exhausting. It will be such a tiresome process to go to the city and look for something new if you do not know where to start at first.  

And my guess is that you rather have a nice lunch with a friend then to go through town to find the perfect items for your wardrobe.  And then returning with 2 random shirts. 


Third. You are unconsciously programmed to reach for the same items. Most heard comment after shopping with me is. I would never have picked this, let alone try it on, and now I just love it!!


So in my opinion, it is 100% worth it, but hey,  I would not be able to sell it at all if it was otherwise 🙂