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A mini spring capsule wardrobe

What is a capsule wardrobe actually? Todays client asked me this – and I get this question more often.
So since I am a true capsule wardrobe fan, and I want everyone to know about it, to make it work for them – hereby an easy step by step visual guide for creating your mini spring capsule. To get a flavour of what it is, to find out if you like the ease of a capsule and to make packing for your spring break easier. And yes these are new items- and no you don’t need to shop everything new. Probably you have the majority in your closet already 🙂

select 3 bottoms for spring
select 6 tops for your spring capsule wardrobe

Selection your spring mini capsule foundation

If you like to get to know whether a capsule wardrobe would work for you, why not just try it out once? 

There are no strict rules, but I always use the guideline of 1 bottom vs 2 tops. 

I selected 3 pants, since that is what I wear the majority of the times. I stick to a jeans, a formal pants and a red rust tone summer pants since this is my style and I like to keep the bottom simple. 

On top – I first selected 3 long sleeve items : a cardigan – since I always wear those and a denim blouse which can function as a cardigan too. Layering can be still necessary for the colder days, and I like stripes so that was an easy pick. 

Also I really like the jumpers with short sleeves – made of a thicker material. I can pair that with the blouse and the cardigan too on colder days. 

The rust coloured blouse I selected to be able to create a jumpsuit look and to have something with a collar that can peek out of the cardigan. As last I selected a plain white tee with a nice text, to add some fun to this wardrobe. 

Creating outfit options

Now just start with your first bottom – put it on and make outfits with the various tops you selected. I try to make at least 3 per bottom. Then you will do the same with bottom number 2 and 3. Make pictures of them and now you have at least 12 days of different outfits. 

After that  exercise – you can get creative and see what else would work. 

Amazing right – you can have so many outfit options out of 9 pieces already, if your selection is of good quality 🙂

creating outfits with jeans
creating outfits with the summer pants
creating outfits with the more formal pants
check what other outfit options are possible

What will a capsule wardrobe bring you?

First of all, it will give you peace of mind. In the morning, there is no overwhelm, and you can just browse through your outfit options to get dresses. 

Then there is the fact that mess and too much options give stress. Not a thing we want extra in our lives. 

So the capsule will create more ease  in your day. And because you have made a great preselection of the items you added, you value what you have even more. limited options also boost your creativity. 

And last but not least, it is a learning process. So after 2 weeks of dressing from the capsule, you can reflect and see what you wear the most. 

This is a lot of helpful information for creating your style, and preventing mispurchases in the future. 

Let me know if you are going to try it and what your learnings are. And if you decide you want to get a working wardrobe with my help – check out my restyle program, where we will create a great capsule wardrobe foundation for you. 

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