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My Go To shops in München 

Shopping in Munchen is fun! It is a great city with a beautiful historic center. All the high street shops are there and also the high end brands. 

But! I prefer to give a podium to the smaller boutiques with a nice mix of brands, a cosy atmosphere and friendly personnel. I prefer to shop in those boutiques because you really get a vibe of the owners taste. 


There are several fun boutiques to find in Neuhausen. 

Frau Lange

It is a small boutique and it can feel a bit overwhelming since they put as many items as possible on the racks. When you go through their goods, and you do not find your size immediately, chances are they have your size in the back. 

I like this store since it sells some sustainable brands, sells a lot of coloured items and some items with a more retro vibe. They sell brands like King Loui and American Vintage.  


Address: Aldringerstr. 1

Mo company

This shop has a relaxed and a luxurious feel. There goods have a elegant and neutral yet special style. 

I love this shop because they have a nice selection of fun basics and investment pieces. Brands I like that they sell are summum, lolly’s laundry & la fee maraboutee. However, I heard stories that the staff is not always as friendly – unfortunately.  


Hereby a link to their website:  MoCompany Fashion (

Address: Volkartstrasse 10


Now – it is a bit more pricy – but they sell really different pieces here! I love the fact they sell diadora sneakers. A beautiful selection of accesoires and statement pieces. I think it is true gem and they have a fun instagram account to follow too. 


The link to their website: Alpenraum (

Address: Frundsbergstraße 17

Glockenbach viertel

I really love this area – because it reminds me a tiny bit off Rotterdam with its more edgy side. There are many coffee bars for a shopping pause too so definitely recommend 🙂

Dear Goods

There are actually 2 shops in this area – but I prefer the womens only shop. They have a nice variation of more casual and mid range priced sustainable items. And some cute bracelets and earrings too.



Address: Baaderstr. 65

Capricorn Store

With a mix of new and 2ndhand designer, and some cute accessoires too, this shop is the perfect one for just browsing and finding a true gem. The owner was very friendly and they are making conscious choices on brands they sell. Their instagram is nice too – you can see their new second hand selection!


website: Lifestyle – Capricorn Store (

Address: Reichenbachstr. 30

Kauf dich Glucklich

A bit more mainstream, jet also some nice items and basics to find here. However – pay attention to the compositions of the materials and the construction of items, since this can vary. They have a mix of sustainable and less sustainable options. 



adress: multiple options, i like  their shops at the Reichenbachstrasse.

About Given

Sustainable fashion store – which is a bit more special than Dear Goods, and therewith also selling some more expensive items. 


Website: ABOUT GIVEN München | Fair Organic Wear.

Address: Baaderstrasse 55


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