Summer capsule wardrobe – mini

mini summer capsule wardrobe

Like anyone here in Munich, I am really looking forward to more summery days. Nothing better to get in the summer mood then to prepare a mini summer capsule wardrobe blog!     10 items summer capsule wardrobe   I truly love to create mini capsules, with max 10 items to show you that with 10 items, […]

A mini spring capsule wardrobe

capsule wardrobe

What is a capsule wardrobe actually? Todays client asked me this – and I get this question more often.So since I am a true capsule wardrobe fan, and I want everyone to know about it, to make it work for them – hereby an easy step by step visual guide for creating your mini spring […]

My Go To shops in München 

shopping in münchen

Shopping in Munchen is fun! It is a great city with a beautiful historic center. All the high street shops are there and also the high end brands.  But! I prefer to give a podium to the smaller boutiques with a nice mix of brands, a cosy atmosphere and friendly personnel. I prefer to shop […]

What is my skin tone and undertone?

You might have heard we all have different skin tones and undertones. And yes this is true. It is all about the amount of blue and yellow pigment that we have in our skin. Generally spoken – someone with a yellowy skin has a warm undertone and has a bit more yellow pigment. And someone […]